Kaustav Chakraborty

Software Architect

I'm software polygot based in Germany. With extensive experience with AWS, Terraform and backend technologies, I aim to simplify engineering experience.

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Years of Experience


About Me

With 9 years experience as a Software developer & Infrastructure Architect, I have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to make your project successful.
In my overall journey,
1. I started the Platform team (Infrastructure), groomed devs to the DevOps role and later expanded to Engineering Experience & Security.
2. Introduced CI/CD process for the organization and built tooling around it, which improved the CD process by 50%.
3. Built Cost Management tool that reduced infra cost per product by ~25%.
4. Led security initiatives for 200+ apps and services, achieving 75% in security score in 6 months.
5. Heavily contributed to open source products like Bahmni, DHIS2 & OpenMRS.

My expert

I have extended experience around software development and leadership in both MNC and Start Up. Different organization teaches different skills. Starting from working with Govt. of different continent to promoting agile to a global level. From setting up office of a startup to leading Infrastructure alliance for parent organization and all subsidiaries.

When it is about the product development, its all about the right technology and teams with providing scalable and sustainable product. Following the analogy, Achieve 80% of work with 20% of effort.

  • Terraform (100%)

  • NodeJS (95%)

  • Kotlin (90%)

  • AWS (85%)

  • React.js (75%)

  • Kubernetes (60%)

  • GoLang (60%)

  • 2023 - PresentHelloFresh SE

    Senior Backend Developer

  • 2020 - 2022Medly Health

    Software Development Manager

  • 2014 - 2019ThoughtWorks Inc.

    Application Developer

  • 2015 - 2016Madras University

    Bachelor of Computer Application

  • 2011 - 2014Kingston Polytechnic


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    Own Projects

I Provide

  • 01

    Product Development

    I offer a comprehensive end-to-end software development service that covers various areas to meet your pr...

  • 02

    Infrastructure Consultant

    As an infrastructure consultant, I provide expert guidance and support for a variety of infrastructure-re...

  • 03

    Product Management

    The product management service provided through my website offers a range of services including:...

That I Use

In my experience working in MNC and Start Ups, I came across multiple tools, frameworks and languages. All of them helped me someway or other to grow and help the business to scale. I have curated few of them which I use on daily basis.

Please note this is not an exhaustive list. I am always open to learn new things and adapt to new technologies. Also these are not sponsored tools. I have used them and I am happy to recommend them.

  • NodeJS

  • Kotlin

  • React.js

  • GoLang

  • Java

  • Terraform


  • Kubernetes


  • AWS


  • Grafana


  • Atlassian


  • Datadog


  • Github


  • Lattice


  • Snyk


  • Agile

  • Chaos Engineering

  • One on One Feedback

  • 9-Grid Model

  • Xtreme Programming

Valuable feedback
from my client & peers

“Kaustav is a well connected professional that always takes the time to support anyone is his network. He has a very impressive background and profile and I recommend Kaustav as a Technology expert to connect with and consider for anything appropriate.”

Siddharth Kala


Let's work together

There is noting called simple / stupid idea

I am eager to hear your idea and the challenge you are facing.Let's discuss how we can give the idea a life.

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